Bonne nuit!

Work/routine fatigue is setting in a little today… I’m working on some fun upcoming posts, but for tonight it’s nighty-night, I’m afraid. Spoon’s Transferance is an album I’d dismissed. If any other band had made it, it would be a revelation, but Spoon are so consistently awesome and their latest didn’t seem as immediately magical as 2007’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga… But spending some time with it is paying dividends. Amid their standard crafty guitar pop there are some glorious chilled moments – “Who Makes Your Money” is woozy and melancholy, “Goodnight Laura” is the best lullabye I can think of right now.

You can fall asleep by being very still
And let your breath slow down
And when you think your thoughts be sure that they are sweet ones
Don’t you know, love, you’re alright

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