Things I Love Thursday: January 6

The Bureau of Meteorology have downgraded their predictions for flood levels in the George, so things are feeling less frantic around town. Channel Nine have sent out the big guns though – Bruce Page is here – so I hope they don’t know something we don’t! At any rate, the biggest thing I’m grateful for this week is that our place hasn’t been threatened by the flood at all. That said, many people face terrible losses, not just here in St George but throughout the state. So our thoughts are with those returning home to face massive clean-up efforts, and those who are still stuck in evaucation centres waiting for the waters to reside.

Other highlights of this week include:

Baking biscotti… The insane patterns in the pool surface when it’s raining… Wonderous words from across the seas, and discovering ee cummings… Vicarious glimpses of Milan from a talented photographer… Long phone chats with old chums… Afternoon naps on rare days off, and the crazy dreams they bring… Pesto made fresh with basil from the garden… And forget the boring official video for Kanye’s “Monster” (to which I am ADDICTED) – clearly what’s really needed to visually complement that song is muppets.

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