Bridging Brisbane

To my knowledge there isn’t a Cycle Chic chapter in Brisbane yet, but surely it’s only a matter of time. In lieu of a formal Cycle Chic Sunday ride, an old friend and I improvised our own; riding from Rosalie through Milton’s Park Road and then following the riverside bikeway all the way to New Farm park for a lunch of fish and chips.

There are so many great rides to do in this city, and signs everywhere of growing infrastructure for bike lovers. In New Farm, for example, there are racks and pay stations going up for a new bike hire scheme due to open late this year. Like Melbourne‘s experience, I daresay there will be teething issues, particularly with the dilemma caused by our mandatory helmet laws. But hopefully it will get more people on bikes!

The council seems to have been really proactive with their investment in the cycleways, and their surrounds. Everything is very colourful, particularly these blues around the newly opened Go-Between Bridge which joins Coronation Drive to South Brisbane.

Closer to the city, it’s all primary colours, bold yellows and reds as well as blues. The paths are marked to leave cyclists and pedestrians in no doubt of where they should be!

Everytime I come back to Brisbane there seems to be another bridge… and this ride is a great way to see them all. The aforementioned Go-Between soon gives way to the spiky Kurilpa (or “chopsticks”) bridge, which takes you from the city right to the doorstep of the modern art gallery and state library. Pass under the chopsticks, then the William Jolly, and as you continue along the riverside path the mangroves are right beside you.

Soon you’ll hit the Goodwill Bridge which is just for pedestrians, which you could cross to reach Southbank parklands. But if you keep going, you’re momentarily plunged into the tropical shade of the Botanic Gardens. More mangroves eventually give way to the moorings of dozens of bobbing boats. This used to be a favourite haunt of mine in my uni days – a quick walk from QUT’s Gardens Point campus, you can perch up under a jacaranda or a flame tree and watch the boats and passing tourists.

But keep going. The path snakes around the pier, and you’ll have to dodge more than a few pedestrians as you get closer and closer to the Story Bridge. Once you pass under it the path becomes a floating deck over the river, which is quite special…. Here you can see the Story Bridge in the background too (not to mention beautiful Baby Blue):

New Farm Park is a lovely end point to the journey. There you can jump on a ferry and keep exploring… stop for a feed… check out some art or performance at the Powerhouse, or just watch the world go by. There’s always something going on here, especially on a weekend – a wedding, a photoshoot, a huge all-in soccer game, ever changing graffiti…

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