Things I Love Thursday: April 14

Can you believe how far into 2011 we are? This year is flying by. I hope you’re finding time amidst the rush to enjoy life’s little pleasures. Things like:

Rainy mornings + porridge, cinnamon & golden syrup

Rainy nights + a good book + tea + Green & Black’s Maya Gold dark chocolate. This stuff is my crack.

Subsituting ridiculous, made-up facts when you don’t know the real answers at trivia (after all, you never know when you might be awarded extra points for humour).

This incredible list of flapper slang, which is frankly the duck’s quack, the cat’s particulars and the monkey’s eyebrows simultaneously. Ie, it is fantastic.

Amazing purple and orange sunsets over the Brisbane river. The cityscape gleaming in almost unnaturally golden light, cranes poking up here and there like bendy straws in an elaborate cocktail.
Yoga. Oh my, it is so good. Stretching out all those random sets of muscles, cracking up at all the animal-named poses (cobras, cats and cows, locusts, eagles and the dreaded downward dogs), tantalising aromas wafting from the Indian restaurant down the street, almost falling asleep in the meditation at the end of the session, even the ommmm-chanting is kind of cool with everyone making the same sound in a darkened room. Especially since our instructor is the first yogi I have encountered who actually has a sense of humour. I had to laugh, though, at Garance’s all-too-familiar take on yoga – the inching boredom of the class, the awkwardness of the poses, the all-consuming smugness once it’s over and raving to the uninitiated about how balancing it all is…

Writing about the impending zombie apocalypse, YouTubing the Bush Tucker Man and researching data visualisations… For my job!

Having a job.

Continually confusing Deerhoof and Deerhunter… Listening to and loving them both, anyway. Deerhoof Vs Evil is fantastic, by the way.

Contemplating taking to Baby Blue’s forks with a sharpie, inspired by this amazing bike refurbishment by illustrator Pete Fong. If only I could draw beards that well…

This afternoon I left work on my bike, the sunset fading to lilac and the new My Morning Jacket song in my ears, and out of nowhere had this overwhelming rush of euphoria. Be it slap-up broke pasta dinners with my sister, swapping music with old school friends, Sunday afternoons playing trucks with a one-year-old, road-trip-planning emails from Pakistan or hours on skype with the cutest boy in all of Brooklyn… I feel profoundly motherfucking lucky at how many first-rate people are in my life. I hope you do too. xx