Road less travelled

I Ran The Wrong Way is one of the Surry Hills shops we visited as part of Small Stories Big Picture on the weekend. I figured it deserved its own post since it’s such a treasure trove of random goodness – or, as it describes itself, “a trader of good finds”.

The owner, Mel, describes herself as a “professional fossicker”. She loves nothing more than hunting high and low for special, storied items for the shop. And ain’t that the dream – making a living from doing the thing you love most?! From handmade pencils and stationary, to vintage suitcases, old cameras, organic skincare, niche books and wooden toys – you could find anything here, so long as its origins are ethical, sustainable and locally created or free trade.

Mel was also one of the organisers of Small Stories Big Picture – I tip my hat to you, ma’m. When I emailed to apply to take part, and asked if I could blog about it, she not only said yes – she had actually heard of the blog!

When I asked where the shop’s name came from, Mel said it came from the way she approaches life. Less about wilfully going the wrong way, than being open to different ways of reaching your destination. Not unlike a certain great poem.

I Ran The Wrong Way is at 378 Cleveland Street, and well worth a visit…

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