(Bike) people in your neighbourhood

Massive shout out has to go to the good folk at Remy & Lee’s cafe on Bourke Street – Alison had a tyre disaster yesterday morning and very nearly didn’t make it to the Small Stories Big Picture ride… We stopped by to see if they could help us get the Heartbreaker roadworthy. Remy not only let us use their pump, he even took time out from making coffees to fix her tyre. It was above and beyond the call of duty – what a legend.

As well as delicious coffees and food, R&L have a bunch of cool bike stuff including the new “On Ya Bike, Alan Jones” T-shirts which are the latest guerilla tactic in the cycleway wars. You can also get em online at ThreePointTurnz.

Remy & Lee’s is tiny but always packed – with people and with bikes! And, if you’re really lucky, some dogs as well.

Meanwhile, a few streets away…. These illustrious dudes and dudettes are at RoboCog Workshop on the corner of Campbell and Commonwealth Streets. They’re open 10am-4pm on Saturdays and Sundays and will let you use their tools – or help you – fix up your bike for a gold coin donation.

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