Anyone on two wheels is a friend

Checked out the Woolloomooloo Festival on Wheels yesterday – well, mainly the sausage sizzle at Sable and Argent, an amazing bike shop down Bourke St. Had a quick chat to the owner, a lanky bloke called Boris who affects a tres cute cycle cap. Boris’ background is in commercial fit-outs, so it’s no surprise S+A is almost as much a gallery as it is a shop. The theme is cool black and white, with industrial touches and graphic artwork, and there’s even a tree growing inside. Then there are vintage style Rapha cycling jerseys, whole walls hung with brightly coloured caps, MOMO helmets and of course racks and racks of delectable bikes. Even the mechanics’ workspace becomes a design feature, visible through clear plastic in the centre of the store with walls proclaiming anyone on two wheels is a friend.

Handlebar grips and bike chains and spoke cards, oh my! It was like a candy store! You can get little ears or horn adornments for your helmet, ipod speakers for your handlebars, and heaps of other beautifully designed accessories. I got a much needed new light for Big Red, which wraps easily on and off the handlebars so it’s not at risk of being stolen because it must be left on the bike. And they even make coffee at the store!

The Bourke Street cycleway has been pretty contentious of late – there are threats of a class action over the way its construction is messing with parking and access to businesses in Surry Hills. Hopefully once it’s complete things will run more smoothly, business will pick up again and it will become a model for better cycleways through the inner city. It’s my favourite street in Sydney, arched with beautiful trees, generally hushed and with little traffic, and home to parks and boutiques and little terrace houses… and of course Bourke St Bakery! (had the ham and fennel pizza yesterday – so good) The trail goes all the way down to the harbour at Woolloomooloo, and you can ride right up to the water…

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