Late mail

Met a bloke last night at Cricketers who’s the drummer for a band called Alberta Cross. They’re here on tour from New York (though the founding members of the band formed in London) and playing Splendour among other things. If you’re in Sydney tonight and looking for kicks, you could do worse than to check Austin & co’s gig at the Annandale. Their sound ranges from folky to Zeppelin-style classic rock, and they’ve been compared to the likes of Neil Young and The Band. My dance card’s already full with Kasabian tonight so I won’t get to see AC, but I’m really digging the vocals on this track:

Another one for Sydney-siders – Darren Hanlon‘s doing an instore at Fish Records in Newtown tomorrow afternoon at 2pm, plugging his newly released album I Will Love You At All. It’s getting some great reviews and quite a bit of airplay which is fantastic… I’m overdue to get my copy, so I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

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