music nostalgia

Not because we’re far apart

I finally just watched the second half of Paper Giants. God, so good. All the magazine talk, plus all the 70s fashion and design and archival footage, plus the Packer in-jokes… And so beautifully, thoughtfully produced. Asher Keddie became Ita Buttrose so well, I’ve loved her acting since Love My Way but this was something else. And of course the music.

The chorus of this song, “Because I Love You” by the 60s Aussie band the Masters Apprentices, is so well-known it seems to have seeped into our cultural DNA. I feel like it’s been making ads and montages seem 250% more “free-spirited” my whole life. But the best part of the song is the verses, when it is an altogether different creature. Lithe and mysterious, an airy wistful riff that sounds like balancing on nimble tiptoes in the wind. Pretty apt for a tune about hitting the road, the distances between people and the ties that bind them regardless. My sister and I became obsessed with the song for a while when it was part of a storyline on Seachange.

Some of the beard close-ups in the video are a bit graphic though, sorry. Somehow it put me in mind of the Tumblr that’s going nuts at the moment, Dads: The Original Hipsters.