Perfect porridge

slow cooked porridge

“Today I left my house in shorts, but now I’m having second thoughts…” I woke up with a need for slippers and Darren Hanlon’s Winter Takes Fall in my head. Brrrr! With the weather turning, all the lovely summer fruits are getting harder and harder to find. When you’re eating citrus on the regular, alternating hoodies and cursing yourself for getting on your bike without gloves, it’s time to accept that the cold is here to stay.

Winter’s silver lining? Warm breakfasts. I cannot rave enough about Trotski & Ash’s perfect porridge. Lately I’ve been making a half serve (still oodles) and stirring in half a grated pear or apple, some chopped dates, a little coconut and a spoonful of brown sugar on top. Good morning indeed!

If you don’t have time in the morning to let the oats soak and cook slowly, you can get a similar effect by soaking the oats overnight. Another tip: a friend swears by roasting bosc pears with cinnamon as a perfect complement to porridge or muesli. I am keen to try it for myself…

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