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The Seersucker Social

Washington DC-based vintage-loving social group, Dandies and Quaintrelles, present all manner of delicious events throughout the year. If you’re into leisurely bike rides and dressing up (particularly in breathable fabrics), you would do well to check out their summer Seersucker Social. I went last June, and it was out of this world. Honestly, I have such vivid memories of such beautiful scenes that it’s like remembering a film rather than real life! Everyone assembled with their bikes in costumes straight out of The Great Gatsby, then we rode 500-strong past the White House and through downtown DC, out through a nature reserve to Hillwood Estate Museum and Gardens. There, we were treated to a speakeasy lawn party with swing bands, dancing, badminton, croquet, food vans and outstanding old-fashioned gin cocktails. The gardens were sprawling and labyrinthine, secrets hidden around every corner. The whole divine day was a photographer’s dream…

I must give a very belated shout out to the lovely staff at Big Wheel Bikes in Georgetown for loaning me a gorgeous Townie bike for the ride. If you’re ever in DC you must explore by bike and I highly recommend using Big Wheel’s hire services.

Now I’m just dying to hear when this year’s Seersucker Social will be held!

UPDATE 1/5: The 2012 Seersucker Social date has been announced as June 9… Time for some seersucker sewing, methinks!

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