30 days of biking

If you’ve been thinking about getting back in the (bike) saddle but lacking motivation, try this for size. 30 Days of Biking is a pretty self-explanatory initiative now in its second year. There are no rules. You just have to ride every day during April, whether it’s a quick trip to the corner store or a few kilometres’ commute to work, and then share your experience online. Twitter, Facebook, blogging, Flickr, whatever floats your boat. It’s a great way to get people riding – and talking about how awesome it is.

Thirty days of biking – no matter the weather, no matter the distance – won’t be a picnic, but it’s a great way to start a good habit. Tone up those gams, lose some weight, meet some fun people, feel the sunshine on your face, ring a little bell, trail some streamers, see your city from a new perspective, and best of all it won’t cost you a cent. What’s not to love about the biking life?

Now, I know it can be intimidating riding on the road so ease in by planning your trips to take maximum advantage of bike lanes and paths. Ride The City is a great resource and they’ve just recently launched their Brisbane map. Trick out your treadlie with lights, strap on a helmet, make sure you feel safe and comfortable. Be confident and careful, follow the road rules. You don’t have to wear lycra. You don’t have to go fast. Get out there in your favourite floral frock and both cars and other cyclists actually tend to be more patient and friendly (call it the Mary Poppins Effect).

Personally I’m already riding around six days a week, including my commute to and from work every day, so I’m quietly confident I can smash this sucker. It’s also a good opportunity to blog about some basic, important bike stuff – how to stay safe, how to look after your wheels, routes and shortcuts, what to wear, combating helmet hair…

Won’t you join me? Register here, get your tyres pumped up ready for your first ride on Friday April 1, and do keep me posted on how you go through the month.

One reply on “30 days of biking”

Thanks for following me :)I've never heard about this 30 days of biking. What a great idea. I'm new to the biking scene but I gotta say I love the bike culture around the world that I never would have knew about beforehand!

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