At the drive-in

If having your surname bastardised into an adjective is a sign of having made it, congratulations Daz. This is the most Hanlonian adventure put to film yet. It features a derelict old drive-in theatre, a devious adventure, a mum-napping and some smoulderingly masculine soldering and hacksawing. And speaking of bastards, there’s even a cantankerous cameo from Bob Ellis.

It’s the brand spanking new video for “Butterfly Bones”, from Darren Hanlon’s latest album I Will Love You At All. Directed by regular Daz collaborator, Natalie Van Den Dungen, it’s a lovingly-shot tribute to a country town and a forgotten but no less fascinating institution. You might recognise faces like Rhys Muldoon, Tina Bursill, Jess Tovey and Bec Rigby. You might love lines like “when one year ends and another begins / and the sky is a shower of sparks / with your skinny-girl arms with their hairs on their ends / like exclamation marks”. You might just be a Bob Ellis completist. There’s something for everyone. Check it out.

Daz is going to put some words up here about the experience of making the video at the old West-View in Dubbo. When the site came up for sale late last year there was a small flurry of excitement that someone might get it going again. You can join a Facebook group to support the reopening of the drive-in, but I think what may really be needed here is someone with a shit-ton of money and a nostalgic streak. According to the agents, the site hasn’t been purchased yet…

Darren Hanlon will tour nationally over the next few weeks – check the dates here.

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