Handlebar moustache

Stumbled across this great T-shirt design in Brooklyn Industries a week or so ago. Drawn by Bartow, the “Handlebar Moustache” illo was actually a competition winner. Personally it warms the cockles of my heart to see two of my favourite things – bikes and facial hair – united on hipster chests. And there’s likely to be double (or quadruple?) the fun when said T-shirt wearers are also rocking wheels and a ‘tache.

Don’t look now (ok, do) but Brooklyn Industries have a whole heap of bike-themed tees, bags etc. After last week’s episode of 30 Rock though, I can’t help but wonder whether the Halliburton-backed indie outfitters where Liz Lemon found the perfect (albeit exploitative) pair of jeans, Brooklyn Without Limits, bears any more than a passing resemblence to Brooklyn Industries. For mine the best line was when Lemon reeled off BWL’s cool locations in “Gaytown, White Harlem, and the Van Beardswick section of Brooklyn.”

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