Things I Love Thursday: November 4

These are the dying days of my 25th year so one thing I’m loving at the moment is birthday plans coming together! There’s been a distinct lack of bike action on this blog of late and I’m deeply sorry about that. But it’s my birthday on Saturday and what better way to celebrate than with a bike-riding foodie tour of Brooklyn and Manhattan! Cannot wait to get back in the saddle. Friends, food and lots of photos will just be the icing on the cake.

Other stuff that’s floating my boat:

My new roommate’s quirky taste in vintage and antique furnishings and decoration – there are so many little curiosities in this apartment. I snuck a peek into her room and she has three pipe-cases mounted on the wall.

Making pea soup with giant slabs of bacon from Model T… Photo booths… Turtle burgers… Delicious tapas (Brussels sprouts and chorizo? Dates wrapped in bacon?? Yes please!) and wine at Boqueria with a bunch of Aussies… Trying to explain the Australian compulsion to shorten all names – Daz, Muzz, etc – to an American friend…

Williamsburg street art… Talking animation, music and ghost stories over beers with the boys at Daddy’s… Three dollar Hendricks martinis and tiny gourmet grilled cheese sangers at the Connectors NYC networking meet-up… Bored to Death… Finally some Waldorf-Bassian sexytime… Little kids in super cute Halloween costumes… Prospect Park… Leather gloves… Markedly different streetlife in my new neighbourhood, forcing me to think for the first time about the origins of the words “ghetto blaster”… Brooklyn Bowl!!

Daz yodelling while performing a Slim Dusty cover at Living Room… Morning coffee and the biscuit (read: scone) with egg, sausage and cheese from Goods… HALLOWEEN!!
Getting up before 9am (shocking, I know)… This taupe nail polish that looks like pearly mushroom soup… Cat stretches… Getting my subway sea legs… Rocking out to ELO… Sam Rockwell’s amazing acting in Moon… Thrift store heaven at Beacon’s Closet and Atlantis Attic… Random smile exchanges with strangers… The “other” Halloween parade – unfortunate souls doing the next morning walk-of-shame home in their costumes (thanks, How I Met Your Mother)… and, finally, Jon Stewart’s speech at the Rally To Restore Sanity &/or Fear:

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