Things I love Thursday: 14 October

Oops! So much has been going on I haven’t had a chance to do this the last couple weeks, but there’s so much to love right now. What have you been digging this past week? I love:

Fairy lights… Popping out of the subway at night and seeing the Chrysler building lit up in the distance like my north star… “bedtime tea” with honey and vanilla soy milk… Lingering over coffee and cannoli at a mob bakery, eavesdropping and brainstorming story ideas while cigar smoke and machismo waft over me… Talking about music and film-making with a random guy at the Royale who has apparently just made a doco about Kings of Leon. It’s called Talihina Sky and they’ve entered it for Sundance so you heard it here first!

…Making a delicious dinner for my new room-mates with goodies from the farmer’s market. Did you know you can eat the leaves of beetroot? They’re so delicious – I was inspired by this recipe but added carrots and whole garlic cloves to the roasting pan….

Exploring… Coney Island… Burgers at all hours… Cooking my first (amazing) New York steak courtesy of the crazy guys at my new neighbourhood butcher, Model T Meats – sawdust on the floors, an ancient cash register, prices straight out of the 1970s and ALL the local gossip… Listening to I Will Love You At All while traipsing around museums and botanic gardens… Planning adventures in this hectic city –this weekend I’m aiming to do Friday evening drinks at the Met’s rooftop sculpture garden, scout for Halloween costumes at the Superhero Supply store, test boutique gin from the Breukelen Distillery, and then we’re heading upstate to pick apples on Sunday….

…Spying a colony of no less than six rats in the subway station last night… The “Subway Wars” episode of How I Met Your Mother… Watching the leaves changing colour in my first real “fall”… wine and cheese on rooftops… Catching glimpses of that amazing skyline and remembering holy shit: I’m in New York.

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