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New Amsterdam Market

Sunday dawned cloudy and hungover in East Village, so our planned bike ride to Williamsburg didn’t quite come off. We did, however, bike along East River; spying Brooklyn out across the Hudson, passing baseball games and joggers as iconic bridges spanned above us -first the Williamsburg Bridge, then the Manhattan Bridge, and of course the Brooklyn Bridge. When we reached the southern tip of the island we discovered the New Amsterdam market at South Street Seaport. Held in the Fulton Fish Market, with the Brooklyn Bridge’s sky-slicing suspension cables within sight, the markets specialise in local, organic and artisanal produce.

Before we got to the food though, I fell in love with the gorgeous, locally made bikes (complete with wooden crates for ferrying your markets fare home) of Bowery Lane Bicycles.

We nibbled cheeses, sipped mead, and sampled handmade ice-cream with the unexpectedly delicious flavour of “beer and pretzels”, before hoeing in to succulent baby beef burgers from Jimmy’s No 43

…and delectable Luke’s Lobster Rolls…

…And for a final sweet treat I bought some fabulous caramel corn from Liddabit Sweets. But this was no ordinary caramel corn – it was also flavoured with bourbon and candied bacon. Have I mentioned how much I love America? A country where anything, particularly the addition of bacon to anything, is possible.

The next New Amsterdam Market is on October 3.

2 replies on “New Amsterdam Market”

apologies if you've already said and i've missed it, but tell me the story about your NYC bike? is it one of Pi's? are you borrowing it? did you save it from the mean ghetto streets?LOVING your blog. ENVYING your life.Oh, i made it to the final 3 in the news awards… the prize is a three month stint with a NYC newspaper… now, I won't win, but the fact that you are over there will make it sadder that I won' you xxo

Twas a borrowed steed from Pi's place… there are so many delicious bikes here but I have banned myself from buying one until I find a job. Booooring. Not boring? YOUR JOURNALISTIC TALENT. I know how this movie ends – you win, there's a mass of people doing the teary-eyed slow clap, you move to New York, ace the newspaper job, end up running News Limited and give me a job. Now, if you could just knock all that over by the start of December. K THX BYE xx

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