Lessons from (being) LAX

Hola! This is an in-transit update, coming to you from LA airport after enormous fish tacos and multiple Coronas. Not prepared to risk being mistaken for a terrorist, so the camera has not been unleashed on US soil just yet.

Lessons I have learned in the past 24 hours (I think – my sense of time is all over the place at this point):

1. Know airports heighten your latent anxieties and also know you have to catch public transport for an international flight? Not the best time to decide to kill an hour blowdrying and straightening your hair. (even if it does look fabulous this side of 17 hours on planes)

2. Sprinting around airport terminals? Not the best time to be breaking in your hott new pair of high chocolate leather boots.

3. Checking in an hour before your international flight departs? Not the best time to ascertain that you were supposed to apply for a visa online before this point.

That’s what I’m here for guys – making ridiculously stupid mistakes so you don’t have to. But next stop – New York. Makes it all worth it…. xx

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