The sporting life

Got chatting to someone on the weekend who I didn’t think would have seen this blog, but it turns out he’s a bit of a fan – except for one thing.

“I notice there’s not much sport on there,” he said.

Dude, I appealed. Have we met? I was the one kid in the world who loathed Fridays because it meant spending interminable hours of the afternoon standing in the burning sun in the cricket outfield, praying none of my primary school compatriots would be able to hit the ball far enough that it would come near me. I was the kid who couldn’t even hit the ball in teeball. I was the one left shuffling my feet and staring at the ground while teams were chosen for cricket, softball, soccer… I was the kid netball coaches would put into the elite squads thinking that the height advantage would outweigh the lack of skills, and then had to leave me on the bench for the rest of the season. At one point I was leading goal-scorer for my futsal team – but all three were own-goals.

So no, Jay, not a lot of sports on here. Until now. Sunday was a sports overload – two very different athletic pursuits, but both were awesome. It was a day of lawn bowls with a brief, intense interval of BIKE POLO.

And much, much later in the evening, back at the bowls club, the two sports kinda intersected…

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