Things I Love Thursday

This is a little feature I’ve admired for a while on various blogs. The ever-inspiring Gala Darling is a perfect example, and swears by it as a great way to take stock of all the things you’re thankful for on a regular basis. So here’s what I’m loving this week:

…Sitting under the hills hoist counting the stars, smoking and listening to Band of Horses… Discovering liquid eyeliner (thanks Ferris!)… Devouring fresh goodness from dad’s garden – homegrown herbs, celery, spinach, chillies and sweet little sugarbomb carrots…

…Playing cards with my nanna (and even winning occasionally)… Trawling through faded old family photos and boxes of notebooks and diaries full of memories…

…Sitting in cafes scribbling, trying to design logos for the Handsome Darlings sausage dog stud… Reading through old travel journals and starting to feel the butterflies of adventure in my tummy… Catching up with great new(ish) blogs by my talented mates Alison and Mel (both highly recommended)…

…Crawling around trying to keep up with puppies to take their photos… Switching out uncomfortable races shoes for daggy Cons and feeling like a whole new person – and ready to dance!

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