Puppy love

Sorry for the extended silence! Been out bush, out of range. The time had come to pay my old friend Reboot a visit at Morven, for the local races and a long-awaited photo shoot with her ever-growing ranks of sausage dog puppies. Argh! They’re so cute I could hardly stand it.

The patriarch, Handsome Darling, shares his owner’s talent for posing for photos. His harem, which now extends to five bitches (sounds so gangsta), all have equally elaborate names. They could all well be characters in a convoluted romance novel.

The girls are mostly named after various friends – Pepper is named for her markings, but Cherry is after a strawberry blonde pal, Lady Valentine after Sarah, Darling Emily for our third musketeer over in the UK, and chocolate brown Truffles Fletcher after yours truly. I may be biased but Truffles is clearly the cutest. She takes after her namesake in other ways – she is ALWAYS eating.

Nightly spooning with Handsome was taking things a little far for me – I think he sensed me as competition for Reboot’s affections, because he kept inching me closer to the edge of the bed – but when I had a hungover siesta on the lawn while cuddling Truffles and Darling I had to admit it was rather comforting. They’re not quite up to multiplying just yet, but if you fancy your own mini sausage I’d be happy to put you in touch with the breeder….

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