bikes music

La chanson du velo

Sorry to post a song twice, but this is so worth it. Mark Ronson in a white suit… and then even somehow rocking white hair… many, many beautiful bikes… and a cracking tune to boot. Ronson’s like the hott pied piper of bikes, thwarting evil bike-nappers with his wired-for-sound BMX… and could Spank Rock’s guest spot here be the first rap about bikes?

I can understand it
But I can’t really stand em

Girls love cars
Cars cause harm the planet
Don’t you wanna take a joyride on my tandem?

Don’t I look so handsome?

Bike’s so nice

Pipes like this

They’re priceless

Working on my calves

Triceps and biceps

Bypass the gas

Stop the traffic lights

I get around town
Without a driver’s license

I’ve long felt a love song for bikes is due, along the lines of what Lupe Fiasco did for skateboards with “Kick Push”. Is this it? What’s your favourite bike song?

Big Red and Baby Blue, how I miss you! Now all I wanna do is coast past some cutie, ring my bell and coo

Hello – you walking?
Farewell – I’m off then.

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