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Cycle Chic Sunday: Orange you jealous?

Was lucky enough to catch a Cycle Chic Sunday ride this weekend, and luckier still that the sun was out in force but the HOGs weren’t. It was lovely to finally meet Saskia, her gorgeous Velorbis bike (see above and drool), and her posse of like-minded Cycle Chic friends.

I met the gang en route to Bondi, at beautiful Swede-centric store Miljo, and ate a delicious mandarin while waiting in the sun. Orange was a strangely recurring colour that day…

… as we stopped for coffee…

…as we cooled our heels…

… and as we saddled up for the ride down to Bondi markets, just as an outta-nowhere monster storm hit. Hooked into a delicious sausage sizzle at the markets and then strolled the stalls with my sister and her boyfriend, who had just braved the Bronte to Bondi cliff walk. It was a beautiful day once those few spats of storm settled down, right through to an ambling, amber-tinted afternoon….

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