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Have this new pair of sunglasses; they’re not the best for cutting out glare, but they’re gorgeous retro tortiseshell and the lenses are sepia-toned. When I walk around in them I feel like I’m in an Italian film from the 70s or something; everything looks old and deliciously fresh all at once. It was a glorious winter Saturday today and I decided to take the new Holga (and the old SLR) out for a spin on Big Red. The one downside to taking pics on film is the impatience! I can barely wait to finish the full 24 exposures before racing to get them developed.

Anyway, got sick of the photos I could immediately review not reflecting the ye olde-hued perspective I had from behind my sunnies. So I took them off and held them over my lens, and have to say I love the way these shots from Randwick and Centennial Park turned out.

Had always admired this memorial from a distance – it is the centrepiece of the big dog park area of the parklands – but never inspected it closely. It’s even more impressive close up – the domed roof is decorated with mosaics on the inside, and there is a cairn inside in the middle with a facet for each state of Australia.

The whole structure is very geometric, and the late afternoon sun makes amazing patterns. As I left the park I stopped by an old favourite garden, and caught a beautiful moment. I lost my grip on the sunnies over the lens as I snapped it, but I like the effect:

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