Concerned mostly about… FOOD

On a whim, today I signed up to a site called 750 words. The challenge is, obviously, to write 750 words each day. Probably a lofty goal considering I have been slack with even updating this blog every day, and have you tried sitting down to write 750 words lately? It’s more than you think!

Once you sign up and log in, the site gives you a blank page and a word count; then tracks your progress day by day. You accrue points for as long as you keep posting daily. But there’s another great incentive I didn’t foresee to completing your daily 750. And that’s stats.

I don’t know when it happened, but stats have become like porn to me – between this and Google Analytics I am going to be like a pig in mud. Because once you save your 750 words, you get a page of stats – a bar graph detailing your progress over time, which periods you smashed out 50 words per minute spiking against the minutes you spent distracted on Facebook. Even better than that, though, is the analysis of content. As you’ll see above, to the suprise of no one, my stream-of-consciousness rant was mostly about food and booze.

I have no idea how it all works but it’s fascinating. Unlike what I actually wrote, which luckily for you I can’t seem to find now the site has saved it. Goshdarnit, now you’ll never hear about the time a cat called Action Hero tried to assassinate me while I was couch-surfing in London, or my musings on the futility of not smoking in China.

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