This week’s flowers: orange and pink tulips. I was worried a Friday night jaunt to the Different Drummer (not to mention Indian Kitchen on the way home) might wilt them, but I stripped back the leaves and trimmed the stems and they are looking fantastic. Such clean shapes, almost architectural in the way they strive gently upward.

Love the wooden interiors and the light and reflections in this shot of a vintage car I spotted near the Randwick bowlo on Saturday. It was a beautiful crisp winter afternoon. This is her from the front:

And the back:

This poor little guy was left to fend for himself at a bus stop, but I’m sure someone took him home eventually.

But the two best things I saw on the weekend, I was too slow to capture on camera. The first was on Glebe Point Road on Friday night, taking the aforementioned tulips home to bed. A guy was crossing the road on a scooter in what I first assumed was an amazing bright blue suit. Closer inspection, however, revealed he was actually in flannelette pajamas. It was an audacious and enviable fashion choice.

Even better was on Sunday, when my eye was caught by a BMX. The rider was a Chinese man who was 80 if he was a day, with shopping bags dangling from his handlebars and one of those great communist fur hats. What a champ.

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