Friday night rager

There was a time I thought I was ok at drawing. Sketchbooks filled up effortlessly with graphite, ink and charcoal lines; some precisely etched, most hurriedly ragged. But that time, it seems, is long gone!

That said, multiple hours just disappeared while I christened a new visual diary… I drew a fish, some bicycles, what was supposed to be an umbrella, and played around with designs from a very sexy Taschen book of typography. It’s time to get back into the drawing habit, and hopefully some semblance of skill will return.

Could definitely handle more nights like this – snuggled under the covers scribbling with a mug of sweet hot tea while the rain lashes outside. And it may have taken a week, but my enormous bundle of lilies is finally opening and they smell exquisite…

Sorry I’ve been neglecting you blog. I missed you, I really did. I’ll make it up to you. Tomorrow brings Creative Sydney (just when I thought I couldn’t crush on Jess Scully any harder, her program this year includes Chris Ying from McSweeneys), a trip to the travel agent and Dappled Cities. And probably more rain…

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