Grand designs

Those of you salivating at the title, I apologise for the distinct lack of Kevin McCloud in this post. He is indeed totally dreamy and a perverse part of me can’t wait to check Google Analytics and see how many people googling for Kevin DILF porn ended up here, stamping their feet and shaking their pigtails in disappointment.

The designs in question are actually less than grand.. well, see for yourself. As part of my research into studying design, on Saturday I had a “day in the life of a designer” at a North Sydney design college. Clearly I hadn’t completely thought through the whole going-back-to-uni concept and so I was a little shocked to find myself in a room full of 16 and 17-year-olds. When I walked in at the same time as a lad being dropped off by him mum, I realised I am potentially on the verge of becoming that which I so despised as a callow 19-year-old: the mature age student. Speaking of mature age – I think I was older than most the lecturers as well as the students!

Anyway, it was all rather fun – I tried to say the word “like” more often in a bid to blend in, and tried not to smirk when the girls on my table traded tales about failing their driving tests. Eventually we had to pair off and make collages which we then tweaked in photoshop and illustrator. Each pair was given a month, and we had to channel some kind of personal experience of that month into designing a CD cover. If you haven’t guessed already that blobby thing above is my inauspicious first foray into this meandering new career path. Look out world haha!

We also got to watch a cute little film called “Marry Me”, which won Tropfest in 2008. Can’t decide whether the best thing about it is the use of spokeydokes (oh, Baby Blue and your spokeydokes wheels, how I miss you) or the massive mullet on the little boy. You be the judge:

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