Mum’s the word

So I was very slack with posting on the weekend, caught up in a whirlwind weekend visit from my Dad and my little sister. In typical Fletcher family iconoclastic form, we managed to get everyone except mum together on Mothers Day. We did call her! But I was thinking about this, after reading some great columns by Sam de Brito and even Marieke Hardy in the Sunday papers, singing the praises of mums and all they sacrifice… And it’s such a mum thing to do, to pack off your husband and book plane tickets so that the rest of your family can spend a weekend together like they haven’t for years. To put yourself last of all, while making sure the people you love are happy.

My mum and I are close, so we know each others quirks and we know how to drive each other crazy with consummate skill. So while no one can rile me up quite like her, she’s also the only person I want to talk to when things are looking bleak. I have learned so much from her about strength and grace – she is fiercely loyal, fiercely protective and fiercely resilient. She is full of suprises – openminded, generous with hard-won wisdom, and can pull out a jaw-dropping one-liner when you least expect it. She taught me the value and power of words and books and education; of decency and hard work. She’s my mum and she’s tops!

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