Monday bike love

Holy convergence of sexy things! Bikes + Pantone colours + Sweden:

In conjunction with Milan Design Week, the Italian bicycle manufacture, Abici launched four new Pantone colours to ride including Turquoise 15-5519 and Mimosa 14-0848.
(For The Love of Bikes)
But wait! There’s more!

Note Design Studio have designed a unique Stockholm line for the stylish Italian bicycle manufacture Abici, where the colors from four different iconic buildings in Stockholm have inspired the colors of the bicycles. There is a yellow, a red-orange, a white and a blue, — can you guess the buildings that inspired them?
(Design Milk via For The Love Of Bikes)

Delicious…. As is the back-rack basket Alison now has on the Heartbreaker, courtesy of her new lover. (That’s Big Red in the backround, naked of baskets and nonplussed) Not that I’m jealous or anything…

Can you tell I’m on deadline?!

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