Big Red

Best band T-shirt ever? It hits my trifecta: pun + bike + muso I like.

After work, when I loosen the lock binding my bike Big Red to a Redfern railing, I like to sing “Unchain My Heart”. Cuz, y’know, my heart belongs to her. Found her in roadside collection while walking home tipsily from the races, like a perfectly timed delivery from the recycling gods. We’ve been inseperable ever since. Except for my dalliance with Baby Blue in Brisbane, but I don’t like to mention that in front of Big Red. She’s looking at me suspiciously as I write this.

Big Red has been making some funky noises lately. Not the good kind of funky. A lot of clicking and clanking and involuntary changing of gears while grinding up hills.

I’m not the mechanical type. At all. So I was very excited to take advantage of a free class in bike maintenance tonight. Props to Waverley Council for such a great community initiative. So I’ve finally learned how to change and patch a bike tyre. Now I know the proper way to clean and take care of the parts, and I know the parts’ proper names!

But I also now know that Big Red has a broken back axle… and I’m not going to be able to fix it myself. Sad face. But we’re gonna get through this together, girl.

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