New eyes

Feel like I have new eyes. Everything just looks so good today – colours are vivid, the light is sharp and clear…. Kicked myself that I didn’t take the camera down to Gordon’s Bay for our weekly snorkel slash hangover cure.

These photos aren’t from today. Today the water was aquamarine green and crystal clear, with sailboats racing out past the bay and dogs chasing tennis balls everywhere. No sign of the groper today but we did see some cool fish that were incredibly long and thin, like animated sticks. There’s a photo I really want to capture, of my red toenails (and plugger tan) against the blue sky and green water as I’m floating on my back… But I’m too scared of getting the camera wet!

Stroke of genius – dragged a mattress out into our courtyard for an outdoor afternoon nap. The sun is softer here, filtering dappled through buttery yellow-green new leaves and a gentle breeze. My hair is curled with sea salt and I’m listening to Elbow, El Perro Del Mar and Miles Davis and reading lengthy Vanity Fair articles online…. conserving energy for Mardi Gras tonight!

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