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See the sky about to rain

Soggy times in Sydney tonight… rain dampened our Kuletos cocktails, drizzled while our Korean barbeque sizzled, teemed as we snuck in for a sheesha and closed half the main roads to Randwick with flash flooding.
Will definitely be back to this restaurant again, although perhaps not until the winter months. As it was, amid humidity and then storms, it was the full South-East Asian dining experience – sticky, sweaty, smoky! Best of all was frying our own pork belly to a delicious salty crisp, pickled cabbage and bright green melon iceblocks to finish. It’s the kind of place where intoxication could lead to serious injury with your dinner though, with flames and smoke everywhere and buckets of fire being carried past regularly!
We did a kind of school-athletics-carnival-relay-meets-frogger desperate umbrella exchange back and forth across King Street as the gutters flooded. Mine and Ben’s final leg met with disaster when I lost my right plugger in the rushing rapids. Thought it was headed for the ocean but managed to grab it in time! We finally got settled on a lengthy table with a bunch of randoms when some genuis drove past too close to the footpath and we all got drenched. There was much squealing, and for some reason flares were let off further down the street. In all, a memorable farewell to Sydney for my star intern who’s headed back to Victoria tomorrow.

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