The best thing about riding a bike…

… is the times when you pass someone else on their bike, who is obviously as loved-up about the whole process as you are. There’s this look of total mutual understanding, respect, and “how cool are we?!” exchanged in a flash of eye contact and a big cheesy smile. The likelihood that someone will give you the look (we need a name for it. “Bike Like”? “Cycle psychosis”?) decreases as the amount of lycra on show increases. But, you can radically increase your chances of copping some shared bike love by just grinning constantly as you pedal. Which, let’s face it, if you’re feeling the wind in your hair and a great song in your ears and dogs are running around in the grass nearby and you aren’t grinning like an idiot? Ur doin it rong.

Delicious pasta sauce and a hot pink sunset out the window as last lingering raindrops leak from the trees. Graham Greene and a hot bath beckon. My work day tomorrow starts with a visit to a museum to look at photos. Life’s good.

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