Fingers crossed…

… this will be tonight’s entertainment. It all hinges on timing, queuing, and hoping against hope that somehow less than 80 other people know about the Florence & the Machine secret show tonight. Apparently the venue (a uniting church?!) is crazy tiny. 6.30pm when doors open will bring either rapture or crushing disappointment. Fingers and toes are all crossed… and if all else fails we can get Hurricane Drunk!

Loving how camp all Florence’s videos are… This one seems made for Mardi Gras. The Rabbit Heart vid is like the Great Gatsby and Brideshead Revisited having sex in a Roman orgy as visualised by a twee 19-year-old girl. Taking solace in an afternoon of youtubing as it has emerged that 3000 people have registered for the show and the venue will fit 100. People have been camped out in queue since this morning. Charm is going to be needed…

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