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Spot the difference

Meet Ruby Red… we had a little road trip yesterday to pick up a bike for Aimee and the twins seem to be getting along well! For the uninitiated, that’s my Malvern Star on the right, and the new cutesy Speedwell on the left is Ruby. Yeah, they’re bike-spooning.

Ruby and Big Red took us exploring this morning… a misty lap of centennial park and some zig-zagging through Redfern… We stopped to look for goodies at Fratelli Fresh in Dank Street. An impossibly cute boy working there stopped us from taking photos but we went home with some beautiful bread and chutney. Best. Sandwich. Ever. Even cooler were the cookie cutters at the shop next door – a set of numbers and an alphabet set. I love the idea of leaving Aimee messages in cookies. “Need to buy milk”… “I’m hungry – O wait, I already baked”… etc. Or imagine giving someone your number in cookies! There’s so much potential confusion (and eating of evidence) it’s like a short story waiting to happen.

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