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Waiting for the weekend

Is it too soon to start planning the weekend? I think this says a lot about my current work ethic! But already the mind wanders toward the cuddlier end of the week.

Thinkin Friday beers at Cricketers with all those dirty cute hipster kids… Saturday morning snorkels with my high energy housemate, followed by a mini road trip to pick up the bike I just won her on ebay. Determined to get a bike gang going – to borrow a phrase from a more inspired friend of a friend, a chain gang!

Sunday morning I’m looking forward to getting out and about with Big Red and my camera, testing out what I hope will become my pool once it’s too cold for ocean baths and then circling back to Redfern for breakfast at one of the cafes everyone keeps raving about. After some loitering through the leafy streets of Surry I reckon I’ll head home and knock up a roast to get the new week started right.

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